Tuesday, November 27, 2018

First Lady Mrs. Trump and Second Lady Mrs. Pence Visit the Red Cross to Assemble Comfort Kits

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

First lady Melania Trump entered the Red Cross Hall of Service shortly after 11:00 a.m. today at the Red Cross campus across from the White House, at 17th Street N.W. in D.C. .

American Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern stepped up to the podium first, welcoming Trump and Karen Pence. She also noted that Elizabeth Dole was in the audience. The first lady was wearing skinny red pants, red flats and a black sweater with red and white designs on her shoulders. 

Shortly thereafter Mrs. Pence delivered these remarks , “I believe that today’s service project will mean more than we will ever know,” Pence said, noting how she was a Blue Star Mother. 

“Melania ... has a natural gift of being kind and loving to others,” Pence said of FLOTUS, speaking of the trip they took to Texas last holiday season in support of hurricane victims. 

Mrs. Trump received a standing ovation and began to speak. She referenced the “tragic news out of Afghanistan” and asked for prayers for the troops.
She called today’s volunteering a “sincere opportunity for us.”

She noted how she and the president “unveiled the Christmas decorations at the White House yesterday” and said they had held their first holiday reception for the volunteers who decorated the White House last night. 

“We are honored to open the people’s house,” she continued.

She thanked the troops and said, “These comfort kits are one small way we can say thank you,” and encouraged Americans to volunteer throughout the holiday season.

The first and second lady are assisting volunteers - consisting of cabinet spouses, spouses of military service members and veterans, as well as Red Cross leadership - with packing comfort kits for service members stationed abroad. The contents of the kits are listed below.

The boxes will be sent to troops stationed in Iraq, Poland, Kuwait and Djibouti, the first lady’s office says. 

An assembly line of items are spread out at two large tables. Both Trump and Pence started by packing blue Red Cross bags at the right-hand table first. 

Right Table: 
Easy Mac 
Brownie mix
Hot chocolate (two packages)
Rice crispy treat
Powdered Gatorade (two packages) 
Playing cards 

Left Table: 
Hand soap 
Shaving gel

Nikki Schwab
Washington Reporter