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1600 Daily The White House • April 27, 2020 An Update on Coronavirus Testing

1600 Daily
The White House • April 27, 2020

An update on Coronavirus testing

America has tested more patients for Coronavirus than any other nation on Earth. That milestone is no accident: It resulted from our Federal Government leading the most aggressive testing ramp-up in history.

Early and strong action made the difference. After the CDC published the genetic sequence for the first domestic case of Coronavirus, the Trump Administration mobilized a massive private-sector response. Since then, the FDA has worked with test developers across the country on emergency use authorizations (EUAs) related to virus detection.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ One step at a time, America will safely open for business again.

In other words, President Trump is leading a true nationwide response, not simply a government-wide one. Given the scale of this global pandemic, that difference is key. During the 2016 Zika outbreak, the FDA issued only 20 testing-related EUAs. It authorized just 17 during the 2009 “swine flu” pandemic and only 13 for the 2014 Ebola Virus.

For Coronavirus, the FDA has issued nearly 70 emergency use authorizations thus far—and it’s doing so quickly. When the company Roche submitted an application for its test on March 13, for example, it was approved within 24 hours.

As President Trump helps governors prepare to safely reopen our country, America is now entering its third stage in testing:
  • Stage 1 was the Launch: It included sequencing the virus, mobilizing the private sector to develop tests, issuing EUAs quickly, and working with commercial and research labs to ramp up testing capacity across the country.
  • Stage 2 was about Scale: That meant identifying and expanding America’s testing infrastructure, as well as strengthening our national supply chain. To help increase production, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act.
  • Stage 3 will now accelerate Opening Up America Again: The Administration is helping governors as they do their part to update testing strategies in their states.
Today, the Administration released two important documents for this new stage in testing. The first is a Testing Overview Presentation, which lays out the 8-step expansion of America’s testing capacity over the past several months. The second is a Testing Blueprint, which will help states adopt robust testing plans as they prepare to reopen.  

Combined, these efforts across government have resulted in the largest public- and private-sector response to a health crisis in U.S. history. Today’s announcement will help governors protect their citizens as America enters a new phase in its war on this virus.

In case you missed it: Learn about the emergency relief President Trump signed Friday.

🎬 WATCH: Safely reopening America is just what the doctor ordered

Economic issues have life-or-death consequences for public health.

When President Trump took early, aggressive action against the Coronavirus—such as restricting travel from China in January—public safety was his top priority. As he prepares Americans to return to work, that emphasis on public health hasn’t changed.

From opioid safety to affordable healthcare, a strong economy is essential to the well-being of our citizens. The data is clear: “Safely reopening America's economy is just what the doctor ordered,” says Admiral Brett Giroir, HHS’ Assistant Secretary for Health.

See President Trump’s guidelines for Opening Up America Again!


Office of the Press Secretary

Cabinet Room

4:08 P.M.  EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Okay, thank you very much.  And I’m honored to be joined by representatives of many great American retail companies, some of the greatest companies anywhere in the world.  And we’re talking today about different things, and -- including distribution and medical diagnostics, et cetera.  You’ll see in a second, they’re going to say hello.

Forty-five days ago, many of you joined me in the Rose Garden to launch a new partnership with the private sector to dramatically increase and accelerate America’s capacity to test for the coronavirus.  We’ve made such strides, like it wouldn’t even be -- you wouldn’t even believe it.

We just had a call with the governors, and I guess they were just about all on the call, and everybody was very happy.  And the testing is going really well, and we’re beating -- we’re doing more than anybody else.  Probably some of you were on that call -- even though you weren’t supposed to be, but I’m sure you were.  And the testing itself is going very well.  No complaints.

Since then, what we’ve achieved is really nothing short of amazing.  The United States now holds the world record for testing and by a lot.  We’ve conducted more than 5.4 million tests -- more than any other country anywhere in the world.  And we’re actually growing it very rapidly.  You probably heard those numbers just came out.

After encouraging governors for several weeks to leverage unused testing capacity in their states, last week we provided contact information for specific labs where they could find additional testing and capacity.  Within 48 hours, the number of tests performed across the country began to skyrocket.

Early in April, the United States averaged approximately 150,000 tests per day.  That’s up very, very substantially from a couple of weeks before.  And the 150,000 a day has gone to way over 200,000 tests per day since Wednesday.  This includes a 122 percent testing increase in Michigan, 124 percent increase in Maryland, and many other locations are right in that vicinity and some are a little bit higher than that.

To provide further guidance and support to the states, today we are releasing our blueprint for state testing plans and rapid response programs.  Together, we’re accelerating testing for Americans at retail locations across the country, and especially in our African American and Hispanic communities.  We’re going very, very strong in those communities.

There are currently 73 retail sites -- testing sites in 25 states in those are- -- in those specific areas, and we’re increasing it very substantially.  A lot of -- a lot of progress has been made for African American testing, Hispanic American testing, and Asian American testing.

So I look forward to hearing from each of these incredible business people who have worked so strongly with us right from the beginning.  I -- think of it: It was only 45 days ago that we got together and so much progress has been made.

And I thought maybe we’d go around the room and they’d say just a couple of words.  And then we’re having a news conference in the Rose Garden, because we have a lot of these folks are going to be joining us and they’ll say something out there.  They’ve got a big gift to our nation and to the people from some of the companies, and I appreciate it.

Maybe we’ll start off with a very small company -- a very small, little retailing company known as Walmart, headed by a great guy.

Doug, please. 

MR. MCMILLON:  Doug McMillon with Walmart.  Nice to see you all.

MR. MERLO:  Larry Merlo, CVS Health.

MR. RUSCKOWSKI:  Steve Rusckowski, Quest Diagnostics.

MR. ASHWORTH:  Richard Ashworth, Walgreens.

MR. CASPER:  Marc Casper, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

MR. SCHECHTER:  Adam Schechter, LabCorp.

MR. MCMULLEN:  Rodney McMullen, Kroger.

MR. NIMS:  John Nims, U.S. Cotton.

MS. DONIGAN:  Heyward Donigan, Rite Aid.

THE PRESIDENT:  Okay.  And we know this gentleman, right?  (Laughter.)  So tremendous progress is made and we'll be talking to you in a little while out at the news conference.

Mike, would you have anything to say?

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Well, just a word of thanks, Mr. President.  It's remarkable to think: You speak about 45 days ago, when we brought many of these retailers together with these remarkable commercial labs, and we built on a public-private partnership that you forged early in the coronavirus epidemic.

Mr. President, when we first sat down, at your direction, with these great commercial labs on March the 4th, our country had conducted roughly 25,000 coronavirus tests.  Today, that number is 5.4 million.  And with the support of companies like CVS Health and Walmart, Walgreens, Target and others, we're now scaling that, working with governors as they implement their testing plans.

And it really is what you said early on, Mr. President: This is a whole-of-America approach.  You brought all of America's best together -- our retailers brought together, our commercial laboratories -- and the results speak for themselves.

As we heard on the call with the governors today, governors are rapidly expanding testing across the states as they move toward a phased and a responsible reopening of their state and this nation's economy.

So I'm just -- I'm glad to be back with this group, Mr. President.  I know how grateful you are for the collaboration around this table.  And I look forward to hearing how we can continue to build even more momentum in the progress that we're making as a nation, working with these great retailers and working with these extraordinary commercial labs that have done so much for America in such a short period of time.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much, Mike.  We'll see you outside at the news conference.  Thank you very much.

                         END                 4:15 P.M. EDT

Statement from the Press Secretary

Office of the Press Secretary
Statement from the Press Secretary
Today, President Donald J. Trump unveiled the Opening Up America Again Testing Overview and Testing Blueprint designed to facilitate State development and implementation of the robust testing plans and rapid response programs described in the President’s Opening Up America Again Guidelines.  The President’s Blueprint sets forth the partnership between Federal, State, local, and tribal governments, along with the private-sector and professional associations, all of which will play important roles in meeting the Nation’s testing needs.

On April 16, 2020, the President unveiled the Opening Up America Again Guidelines, a three-phased, data-driven approach based on the advice of public health experts to help State and local officials reopen their economies and get people back to work. 


Office of the Press Secretary


“Together, we will rebuild this land that we love, we will reclaim the magnificent destiny that we share, and we will carry our Nation forward to new heights of greatness and glory.” – President Donald J. Trump


SAFELY OPENING UP AMERICA AGAIN: President Donald J. Trump and his Administration are taking steps to ensure States have the testing system required to reopen our Nation.

  • President Trump is releasing his Administration’s blueprint for State testing plans and rapid response programs.
    • This follows the release of President Trump’s Opening Up America Again guidelines on April 16, 2020.
  • The blueprint describes the roles and responsibilities, as well as core objectives, for the robust State testing plans and rapid response programs needed by States to safely reopen.
  • To meet the country’s testing needs, the blueprint describes a partnership between Federal, State, local, and tribal governments, and the private sector.
  • As we continue to gradually open up our Nation, testing will be crucial to give the American people the confidence they need to resume their economic, social, and religious lives.
  • This roadmap will help States maximize testing capacity and protect the health and safety of their people as we begin to reopen and beyond.
HISTORIC TESTING REGIME: The Trump Administration has successfully scaled a robust testing regime that is able to meet the massive needs of a nationwide pandemic.
  • President Trump and his Administration have responded to the coronavirus threat by scaling up the largest testing system anywhere in the world.
  • Starting from scratch, the Trump Administration has performed more than 5.4 million tests in less than 45 days – far more than any other nation.
    • In hotspots, we are testing more Americans per capita than most other major countries.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued 70 emergency authorizations for new tests, including 8 for serological tests.
  • Federal agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), have surged millions of new tests and supplies to hospitals, the Indian Health Service, and other testing locations across the Nation.
COMBATING THE INVISIBLE ENEMY: President Trump has worked tirelessly to mobilize the vast resources of our Nation in order to fight the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Early on, the President implemented travel restrictions against China and strengthened screening at our Nation’s airports, limiting the spread of the virus here in America.
  • Through his leadership, President Trump has led the largest public and private sector industrial mobilization since World War II.
    • As a result, America has been able to surge supplies of critical medical equipment to ensure that no American who has needed a ventilator must go without one.
  • The President has delivered massive economic relief to American businesses, workers, and families, keeping our economy afloat during this critical time.
  • Because of the success of the Trump Administration’s response, in partnership with State, local, and tribal governments, the spread of the outbreak has been significantly smaller than initial predictions and countless lives have been saved.

The GoldFish Report No. 485 - Political Theater: LIES, DAMN LIES & STATISTICS

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Latest Round of Coronavirus Relief Shows Hardworking Americans Not Forgotten

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“The lion’s share of the funding – $310 billion – will go directly to the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a massively popular program that has already disbursed $350 billion to businesses all over the country,” Puzder says.

“Millions of Americans have been holding their metaphorical breath as House Democrats delayed the latest round of relief with partisan demands for unrelated provisions such as mandating racial and gender quotas for businesses.”

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“There’s no question that Beijing’s early cover-up of its coronavirus crisis led to the deaths of thousands of people around the world. And it’s still lying, blatantly. After weeks of pressure, it finally upped its official count of coronavirus deaths in Wuhan, where the pandemic started, from 2,579 to 3,869—that is, exactly 50 percent. Nothing suspicious there,” the New York Post editorial board writes.
“The Food and Drug Administration has ongoing clinical trials for 72 drugs to treat COVID-19, therapeutics that aren’t a cure, but which will treat the symptoms of the disease, FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn announced Friday,” Fred Lucas reports for The Daily Signal.
President Trump’s 60-day immigration pause “is a genuine ‘no-brainer’ that should be supported by every American concerned about the grievous harm the coronavirus has caused to public health and the economic health of our country,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd writes for Fox News.