Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How You Can Show Your Support for Winston

How You Can Show Your Support For Winston

Many have asked about the US District Court case against Winston Shrout.  Winston has not made many public statements about this case, but, alas, it has come down to sentencing on Oct. 22.  For those who would like to write a letter in his support which will be seen by the judge attached are the parameters for such a letter.  Winston sends his thanks for all those who have participated over the 14 years he has been assisting people with various commercial problems.  He believes in the ultimate victory of truth, and wishes the very best for all those who has benefited.

Please send your statement, in a letter form, with any of the following information you
are able to provide.
A. Your name.
B. Your position –family or community.
C. How long you have known my client.
D. Your personal knowledge of my client.
E. Nature of your relationship with my client
F. Your opinion of my client.
G. Reputation with others in the community (if applicable)
H. Relevant examples of incidents involving my client.
I. My client’s good acts in charitable, business, and civil contexts.
J. Your knowledge of my client as a good family member and friend.
K. My client’s religious beliefs and practices, if relevant.
L. My client’s abilities and skills of use to community and his/her willingness
to contribute (community service).
M. Any mitigating circumstances affecting my client that may have led to the
actions for which he/she is before the court.
N. Any known feelings of my client about the case, such as whether he/she is
sorry for what happened.

Please use your own thoughts and language as you see fit -- this is very
important. Do not comment on evidence in this case, suggest a particular sentence, or
express your views on the criminal justice system.

You are writing this letter to a judge so beginning the letter with “Dear Judge” is

Please send your statement to my attention, Ruben L. IƱiguez, The Federal
Public Defenders Office, 101 SW Main St. Suite 1700, Portland, OR 97204. 

Do not send your statement directly to the judge. You are also welcome to email it to me at I will review the statement and contact you if I have any
questions about your statement. If I believe that your statement will be helpful to my
client’s case, I will present it to the judge for at the time of sentencing. If you have any
questions about this, please contact me at (503)326-2123. Thank you, in advance, for

taking your time to write a letter on my client’s behalf.