Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The GoldFish Report No 412: Declaration of Independence: Our Instructions to Retain Liberty Part I

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Office of the Press Secretary


The Grove
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


3:38 P.M. GMT

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  We just met with the Prime Minister of Denmark.  Had a great meeting and discussed a lot of things, including trade.

     And now we’re meeting with a friend of mine -- a good friend of mine, the Prime Minister of Italy.  And we have many things to discuss, including trade and military and all sorts of different things that we’re working on together.  And he’s done a terrific job, become very popular in Italy.  A very popular man, as -- I’m not surprised to say that.

     But -- so this will be actually my last meeting.  And I guess, there’s not a reason to have press conferences because we’ve had about eight of them, so I can’t imagine you'd have any more questions.  But it’s been a very successful day and a very successful two days.  We made tremendous progress.

     We’ve raised $130 billion from outside of the United States -- other countries putting up that money.  And that’s on a yearly basis.  That’s $130 billion a year.  In three years, that will be $400 billion a year extra.  Not just dollars -- extra dollars.  And that’s unthinkable.

     And I will tell you, Secretary General Stoltenberg was extremely generous in his remarks, but it was not good what was going on with NATO, which is very important.  NATO is very important.  It was not good, and now it’s gone to a very, very strong positon -- the strongest, I think, it’s ever been.

     And speaking to the President of France -- yesterday, we had a good meeting, and he’s taken back his comments very much so on NATO.  And I think he feels strongly.  He sees what’s happened and what’s going on and how other countries are stepping up.

     So we had a really good day today and a good day yesterday, and a lot of positive things have happened.  And again, Mr. Prime Minister, it’s an honor to be with you.  Thank you very much.

     PRIME MINISTER CONTE:  Thank you.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you.  Please.

     PRIME MINISTER CONTE:  Thank you, Mr. President.  Thank you for --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.

     PRIME MINISTER CONTE:  -- for (inaudible).  We already met yesterday.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Yes, right.

     PRIME MINISTER CONTE:  And now we have a good location to -- an exchange of views --


     PRIME MINISTER CONTE:  -- about trade (inaudible), about defense, and other issues.  It will be a pleasure.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  That’s good.  Thank you very much.  Thank you.

     PRIME MINISTER CONTE:  Thank you.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Okay, thank you very much.  I’ll see you guys -- some of you on the plane and some of you elsewhere.  We appreciate you.  We had a great -- this was a great two days.

     Q    Since it's --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Steve, go ahead.

     Q    Since it’s our last opportunity to ask you questions, do you want to comment on the House Democrats impeachment report that came out last night and the hearing today?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, I did.  I saw it, and it’s a joke.  Everybody is saying it.  And I watched reviews.  I watched Hannity -- Sean Hannity.  I watched Laura Ingraham.  I watched Tucker Carlson.  I watched a lot of other legal scholars, frankly.  I watched some people of great legal talent and highly respected -- Alan Dershowitz, and many more.  Many more.

     I watched a very terrific former special prosecutor; you know Ken.  And Ken is a talented man and a smart man.  And I will tell you, it is a uniform statement -- I think pretty much -- pretty much right down the road.  But what they’re doing is a very bad thing for our country.  It’s of no merit.

     And the Republican Party has never been more unified ever.  They’ve never been as unified as they are right now.  I’ve never seen anything like it, where you have 197 to oh -- to zero, where the Senate is very angry about it.  I think the Senate, I can say, is angry and the Republican Party is angry.

     A recent poll came out: Ninety-five percent approval rating for me in the Republican Party, which is a record.  Ronald Reagan was at 87.  He was the second.

     So, I mean, it’s going good.  I’ve never seen anything like it where the Party has come together.  And it’s going to stay that way for a long time.  I think we’re going to have a tremendous 2020.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the polls that have come out, especially in the swing states.  We’ve gone way up in the polls.

     And I think it’s -- you know, it’s a disgrace.  You have a loser like -- the guy is a stone-cold loser and has been all his life -- Adam Schiff.  And then you have Nancy Pelosi who agreed with what he said, which puts her into real jeopardy.  Agreed on a certain show, "Stephanopoulos."  And, frankly, it’s a bad thing for the country.

     I’m over here with NATO.  We’re meeting with, in this case, Italy, but we’re meeting with great countries, very important countries.  We’re doing a good job.  And they scheduled it -- same thing happened a number of months ago when they put the United Nations, the UNGA, they put -- the United Nations situation; they had a hearing with somebody on the same day.  And now they do it with NATO.  These people, you almost question whether or not they love our country.  And that's a very, very serious thing -- do they, in fact, love our country.

     So they scheduled that during the United Nations.  I'll never forget -- I'm walking into the United Nations, and I start hearing all of the things that they were talking about exactly at that time.  Literally, I'm walking through the front door, and you folks start screaming out to me about whatever.  You know what you were screaming.

     And now I do NATO -- this was scheduled for a year -- and the same things happens: They schedule a hearing.  It's a hoax.  It's a total hoax.

     We had a great call with the President of Ukraine.  It was a great call.  Not just a good call; it was a perfect call.  In fact, it was two perfect calls.  And everybody knows it.  And, by the way, the President of Ukraine was a hundred percent honest.  All you have to do is listen to the call or read the call.  We had it transcribed perfectly.  But he was -- he said, no pressure, no nothing.  There was no nothing.  In fact, they don’t even understand what you people are talking about.  And I think they probably consider it disgraceful.  I think it's a disgrace that we can be wasting time.

     In the meantime, USMCA, the greatest trade deal of them all, is sitting on Nancy Pelosi's desk.  It's drawing dust.  It's been there for many, many months.  And farmers, manufacturers, union, non-union, everybody -- everybody wants it.  And nothing happens.  It's a very sad thing for our country.

     The word "impeachment" is a dirty word, and it's a word that was only supposed to be used in special occasions: high crimes and misdemeanors.  In this case, there was no crime whatsoever.  Not even a little tiny crime.  There was no crime whatsoever, and they know it.  And they go into those rooms and they close those doors down in the basement, and they say -- I'll tell you what they say; they just laugh, because it's a -- to them, it's a joke.  They think they're doing well, but now they're not doing well.  Now they're saying, "How do we get out of this?"  Because their poll numbers are way down, and they're going to have a tremendous loss in 2020.  And that's what's going to happen.

     No matter how you cut it, it's been very interesting.  But to do it on a day like this, where we're in London with some of the most powerful countries in the world, having a very important NATO meeting, and it just happened to be scheduled -- this was set up a year ago -- just happened to be scheduled on this date, it's really, honestly, it's a disgrace.

     So, that's it.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

     Q    Do you still have confidence in Rudy Giuliani?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I don’t know anything about it.  Rudy is a very good lawyer.  He's a great crime fighter.  He was the best mayor in the history of New York City, I think, by far.  He stopped crime in New York City.  As a U.S. attorney, he was incredible.  He's highly respected.

     So somebody said he made a phone call into the White House.  What difference does that make?  I don't know.  You know, is that supposed to be a big deal?  I don’t think so.  Rudy is a great gentleman, and they're after him only because he's done such a good job.  He was very effective against Mueller and the Mueller hoax.  That whole thing was a hoax.

     First we had Mueller and we had -- before we had -- before I even got elected, this was going on.  Now, the IG report, which is coming out, will be very, very interesting.  We'll see what that's all about.  And then, of course, as you know, the big one that's going to come out is the Durham report.  And I don’t know Mr. Durham.  I've never spoken to him.  But he's one of the most respected law enforcement or U.S. attorneys anywhere in the country.  He's a tough guy.  He's had an incredible track record.  He's actually sort of non-partisan, I guess, from what I hear.

     But the big one that everyone is waiting for is that, and the IG report.  So the IG report, they say, is coming out on Monday, Tuesday, maybe -- whatever.  But they say Monday.  I think it's going to be a very big thing.  And we'll see what happens.

     But this should never happen to a President again.  For me, it's okay.  But this should never happen to a President again, what's happened here.  It's a disgrace to our country.  It's an absolute disgrace to our country.  It's sad, actually.  And it's done by, you know, frankly, losers.  You look at the people; look at the cast of characters between Nadler and Schiff and Pelosi -- Nervous Nancy.  It's an absolute disgrace to our country.

     And I think a lot of Democrats, by the way, are going to vote against it.  I think that, you know -- because, if they don’t know, they're going to lose their race, because people are putting -- and they went back to their districts and they are getting hammered by their districts.  And if they don’t, they're going to lose their race.  So, in many ways, I hope they don’t.  Okay?  And we'll get a fair shake in the Senate.  Assuming that whatever happens happens, we'll get a very fair shake in the Senate.

     And -- but we've already been given -- if you just take a look, today, I understand -- I haven't -- obviously, I've been with all of these world leaders and done conferences with the world leaders, so I haven't been able to watch.  But think of it: They get three constitutional lawyers, and we get one.  What's that all about?  Just that little statement -- they get three, we get one.  We had no representation.  We couldn't call witnesses.  We couldn't do anything.  It is the most unfair thing that anybody has ever seen.  They would have done much better if they gave us equal representation, because the public gets it.
     But just look at today.  Now, I don't think too many people are going to watch because it's going to be boring, all right?  In fact, you're here.  I guess you're here and we'll supersede it, right?  But not a lot of people are going to be watching today.

     But just think of this: Constitutional lawyers, they get three and we get one.  What kind of a deal is that?  Now, you don't need a constitutional lawyer because there was nothing done wrong.  Zero done wrong.  And I say it, and I'll say it again: Read the transcript and then listen to what the President of Ukraine said.  He said there was no pressure whatsoever.  Listen to what the Foreign Minister of Ukraine -- a highly respected man.  Both of them, very respected.  Listen to what the Foreign Minister said.  And he said there was no pressure whatsoever.  That's the only one that counts.

     But then listen to all of their witnesses, and not one of them said anything that was meaningful, other than positive for me.  Like, the one said there was no quid pro quo.  That's what he said.  And he said that I actually told him that there will be no quid pro quo.  I said that.  And I said other things that were even stronger than that.

     And, you know, it's a disgrace that they are doing this.  And they're doing it because they think they can't win in 2020.  They're doing it because you take a look at their candidates, and their candidates are not doing too well.  And they figure this is their only shot.  And it's a disgrace because this process was not supposed to be used that way.

     Okay.  Any other questions?

     Q    Yes, Mr. President, why do you feel like there is a need for a separate "2 percenters" event?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Because the 2 percenters, they're good friends of mine.  They're countries that paid their full amount.  The 2 percent is 2 percent of their GDP.  They've paid their full amount, and I'm proud of them.  And we had a total of nine.  And when I first came here, we had virtually none.
     If you look at NATO today compared to NATO three years ago, when I started, we built up NATO.  And Stoltenberg will tell you, it was because of Trump.  Because I said, "You got to pay."  Other Presidents came and they'd sit for two hours and they'd leave, and that would be it.  I said, "No, you got to pay."  And because of that, NATO has become strong again.  Much stronger.  I think your President of Italy would tell you that.  Much stronger than it has ever been.

     And with that money, they're buying new equipment.  I mean, these countries are going out and buying great airplanes and great everything.  It's a good thing to have.  Hopefully, we never have to use it.  And I don't think we will have to use it.  But the stronger we get, the less likely it will be that we have to use it.

     Thank you all very much.  I'll see you back in Washington.  Thank you.

     Q    Did you convince Erdoğan to get rid of the S-400?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Say it?

     Q    Did you convince Erdoğan to get rid of the S-400?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We talked about it a little bit.  You'll be hearing about it.  Thank you.

                        END         3:51 P.M. GMT


Office of the Press Secretary


The Grove
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


2:20 P.M. GMT

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, thank you very much.  These are eight countries, plus us -- plus the United States -- that are fully paid.  They met the goal of 2 percent.  We call them the "2 percenters."  Someday, we'll raise it to 3 percent and 4 percent, maybe.  But, right now, we have it.

     But these are countries that have not been delinquent.  They've been, in some cases, even more than 2 percent, because they feel so strongly about what we're doing.  And that's really a sign of respect for the United States.

     And one of the gentlemen -- I won't mention who -- but said it's so important to have the United States as a part of NATO because of what we've done.  And just to make you all feel good, we will have spent, under what I've done, $2.5 trillion on the military.  Two and a half trillion.  So that pales in comparison when you look at what we're talking about, right?  So it's -- but it's two and a half of the greatest equipment in the world.  Every form of equipment known to mankind or womankind.

     So I just want to thank these great countries.  And they are great.  They've become friends of mine, in many cases.  And they're very respected within their own countries.  But these are countries that have met the goal of 2 percent.

     We have, unfortunately, a large number that haven't met the goal.  Some are very close, and they will be.  We've received an additional $130 billion a year.  And, I guess, if you go back three years, it's perhaps even more than that.  But I've been doing this for three years.

     And the Secretary General will tell you, in a few seconds; he's going to say some -- a little bit about it.  But when I first came, it was like a rollercoaster down, not up.  Down.  It was all the way down at the lowest point ever.  And since then, we've gone up massively.  And now we'll be, by far, the highest point ever.

     So it's a great organization.  And we -- we owe a lot to the Secretary General.  He's been fantastic.  He's done, really, a fantastic job.

     We think it'll be up -- within three years, it will be up to $400 billion more.  And -- but, in the meantime, these are the countries.  I said, "I want to take the 2 percenters to lunch."  We call them, affectionately, "Those 2 percenters."  But I want to take them to lunch.  So this is a lunch that's on me.

     And I want to thank you all.  And if you'd like to say something to the press, you can.  But, in the meantime, I'll ask our great Secretary General to say a few words.

     SECRETARY GENERAL STOLTENBERG:  Thank you so much, Mr. President.  And thank you so much for hosting this lunch with nine countries -- or the eight plus one, the United States -- that are spending 2 percent of GDP on defense.

     And just a few years ago, this would have been a few small group of countries.  Because, a few years ago, there were only three countries.  And so this is actually more than twice as many countries just since a few years ago.
     So this demonstrates the progress we are making on defense spending.  We still have much to do, and more Allies have to meet the 2 percent guideline.  But it demonstrates that we are making real progress.

     It also demonstrates that your leadership on defense spending, Mr. President, is having an impact, because more Allies meet the 2 percent guideline.  All Allies have started to increase.  The majority of Allies have plans in place to meet the 2 percent guideline by 2024.  And the European Allies and Canada have added $130 billion to the defense budget since 2016.  And this number will be $400 billion by 2024.

     So this is significant progress.  This is making NATO stronger.  This is unprecedented.  So, again, it's great to be together with countries which are really investing in our shared security and showing that NATO is adapting, NATO is flexible, NATO is able to change when we need to respond to more demanding security environments.

     So once again, thank you so much, Mr. President.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, thank you.  Great job you’re doing.  Thank you very much.

     How about Poland?  Would you like to say something representing the group?

     PRESIDENT DUDA:  Mr. President, thank you very much for this --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you.

     PRESIDENT DUDA:  -- for the kind invitation.  And we are very glad that we are in this group of countries who feel responsibility for -- not only for our own security, not only the security of our border, but also security of the whole Alliance.

     And this approach, “NATO 360 degrees,” is one of the crucial elements of our Alliance and unity.  As we had very good discussion today, and we have, in my opinion, very important decision.  And this meeting today was the next step.  And it shows that we are united and we are together, and that the NATO Alliance is still alive and still in very good shape.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  It is, indeed.  I think he would get fantastic television ratings with that -- with the way he made that presentation.  (Laughter.)

     How about my friend?  You want to say something?

     PRESIDENT IOHANNIS:  Yes, thank you so much for -- for inviting us.  I think this is an important sign for NATO, because we are -- except for you, we are not the richest countries and, still, we believe in NATO.  We believe in the unity of NATO.  And we believe that NATO is extremely important for all of us.  So instilling this idea of burden sharing is extremely important, and I think our colleagues will follow our lead.  So thank you.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  They will, actually.  And if they don’t, we’ll get them on trade.  One way or the other, they’re paying, folks -- that, I can tell you.

     Thank you all very much.  Appreciate it.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

     Q    Just to clarify, sir, did you cancel the news conference?  You’re going to -- you’re still going to do it?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Say it, Steven?

     Q    Did you cancel the news conference?  We weren’t clear.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Oh, yeah, I’ll cancel the news -- I’ve done so many.  And I’m doing, I think, two more.  We’re meeting with Italy and Denmark.  So, I’m doing two more.  I think that’s enough.  There would be nothing to say.  So I won’t be -- you’ll let the word out.  We’re doing -- but we are doing Denmark and Italy right after this.  So we’re staying for two more bilats, and the press will be invited, okay? 

                     END        2:27 P.M. GMT    


Office of the Press Secretary


The Grove
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


1:13 P.M. GMT

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, thank you very much.  We had a very successful NATO meeting.  I think it was one of the most successful.  We're just discussing that the best, certainly, that I've been -- I've been to three of them now, and this was really something very special.  There's great spirit.  A lot of people are putting up a lot of money.  We have $130 billion more.  And within three years, we'll have $400 billion more put up by other countries.  So that's really something.  And it was a great meeting.

     We're going to have, right now, a bilat with Chancellor Merkel of Germany.  We have many things to discuss, including trade.  We're doing a lot of trade, and we have been doing a lot of trade.  And we will have a successful meeting, I'm sure.

     I just want to thank you very much.  We had some good talks already.  Thank you very much, Angela.  Thank you.

     CHANCELLOR MERKEL:  (As interpreted.)  Well, yes, I would agree that we had a very successful meeting indeed on this occasion, the 70th anniversary of NATO.  We discussed a number of strategies that are very important to secure the future of this Alliance.  And it was a very constructive debate that we had, and this is why I'm also very satisfied with the meeting.

     And now we shall talk about bilateral issues.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  That's right.  Okay?  Thank you very much, everybody.  Thank you.

     Q    Could we talk -- can we ask you about the Erdoğan meeting, sir?


     Q    Did you discuss with --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We had a meeting with --

     Q    Did you discuss with him the NATO commitment that they protect --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I discussed with him everything.  We discussed a lot.  We had a meeting, unscheduled.  But we've already put out a notice.  It was a very good meeting, I think.  We discussed Syria.  We discussed the Kurds.  We discussed numerous things.  And we're getting along very well.

     The border, and the safe zone, is working out very well.  I thought it would.  And I give a lot of credit to Turkey for that.  The ceasefire is holding very much so, and I think people are surprised.  And maybe, someday, they'll give me credit, but probably not.  But that worked out well.  They've been trying to do this for a hundred years.  That border is a mess for a long time.

     We pulled our soldiers out; we took over the oil.  We have soldiers where the oil is.  And that's the way I like it.  And they can police their own border, and that's what they're doing.  They can use other countries if they want.  If they want to spend the time and energy, they can do.  But this is a border that's been under siege for many, many decades, and it was time for us to leave, and we left.  And it's been holding very nicely.  So we're very happy.  We talked about that.

     Q    And are they committed to protecting the NATO commitment to protect the Baltics and Poland?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Oh, yeah, they've been very good.  I think that, frankly, a lot of people pay great respect to Turkey for the work that they've done.  And we had a number of mentions where they were mentioned specifically.  No, they've been doing  a good job, and they've been doing a good job also on the border and the safe zone.  And they have held -- I mean, obviously there were some skirmishes.  That's been around for a long time.  But they've been -- the ceasefire has held very, very well.

     Q    Mr. President, can you explain why your personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, would need to talk to the budget office?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I really don’t know.  You'd have to ask him.  Sounds like something that's not so complicated, frankly.  But you'd have to ask him.  No big deal.

     Q    Mr. President, Germany has welcomed six more countries into INSTEX, making it nine countries now that are circumventing U.S. sanctions against Iran.  Have you talked about that with the Chancellor and --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  No, but we will.  I haven’t talked --

     Q    Yeah.  What would you say to her?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I'm not going to say what I'm going to say, but we will be talking about it.  We'll be talking about a number of things.  We'll have a good meeting.  Okay?

     Q    Mr. President, will you put sanctions on Nord Stream II?  Will the U.S. put the sanctions on?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Say it again.

     Q    Will the U.S. put sanctions on Nord Stream II?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, we haven’t really determined that yet.  I do think it's a problem, but it's a problem that Germany is going to have to work out for themselves.  And maybe for Germany it won’t be a problem.  I hope it's not, actually.  But we'll be talking about that, Nord Stream.

     Q    And, Mr. President, what did you respond to President Putin's offer on a moratorium for medium-range missile systems, which he made in the end of October?  President --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We're talking to Russia about many things, including a cessation on nuclear and nuclear creation.  It's, in my opinion, the biggest problem the world has today.  I think it's bigger than any other problem the world has today.  And we're working very hard on it.  And he wants to see something happen and so do I, and so does China.

     Q    Mr. President, do you talk about trade issues with Europe, as well?  Car sanctions --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We're going to be talking about everything, yeah.  Trade is very important.  Germany is a very big trading partner, but it's been really the European Union.  And we are -- we've been discussing it for quite a while.  It's been a little tough for the United States.  We've had a very bad imbalance for many, many years -- for decades, actually.  And we're discussing that right now.  So I think we'll come -- I think we're going to come -- I think we'll come to a satisfactory conclusion.

     CHANCELLOR MERKEL:  One word.


     CHANCELLOR MERKEL:  (As interpreted.)  I think that the fact that there is a new commission in place and also in the leadership of a new President of the European Commission, that now we have a very good basis to resume our trade talks as well.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Meetings have been set up and we'll talk.  And I believe that it will work out very well for everybody.  And I think it should.  We have some very tough barriers to -- you know, they have -- they've created barriers, as Angela knows very well, and making it very hard for the United States, really, to openly trade.  And that can't be done.

     And so we're going to be talking about that and other things.  I think we will solve it.  We do a lot of business, but they do much more business than us.  And we're going to make -- we're going to change it up.  I've been saying this for the last six months, for the last year.  And we've made progress, but we will make a lot of progress.  And we just want fairness.  We have to have fairness in trade not only with the EU, but with many other countries.
     We're talking to China, as you know.  Those discussions are going very well, and we'll see what happens.  But we're talking to China.  We're talking to others.  We made a deal with South Korea.  We made a deal with Japan.  The Japan deal is a partial deal.  It's -- the rest will come next year.  But we've made already many deals.

     We're looking -- the big is the USMCA with Canada, Mexico.  And Nancy Pelosi has to get that approved.  She has to put it out for a vote.  She doesn’t have to talk to anybody.  She doesn’t have to talk to any of her Democrats because they'll approve it, and their constituents want it approved very badly.  So that’s where we are.

     We have -- we've made a lot of deals.  And this is a deal, I think, that’s going to be -- the EU is actually one of the more difficult deals we have because it's gone on for a long time unchecked.  But it'll get there, I'm sure.

     Q    Did you see the video of Prime Minister Trudeau talking about you last night?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, he's two-faced.

     Q    Do you think that Germany is too naïve concerning --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  And, honestly, with Trudeau, he's a nice guy.  I find him to be a very nice guy.  But, you know, the truth is that I called him out on the fact that he's not paying 2 percent.  And I guess he's not very happy about it.  I mean, you were there.  A couple of you were there.  And he's not paying 2 percent, and he should be paying 2 percent.  It's Canada.  They have money.  And they should be paying 2 percent.  So I called him out on that, and I'm sure he wasn’t happy about it, but that’s the way it is.

     Look, I'm representing the U.S., and he should be paying more than he's paying, and he understands that.  So I can imagine -- I can imagine he's not that happy, but that’s the way it is.

     Q    Mr. President, where are you in terms of persuading other allies, in terms of allowing China to build 5G networks?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, I'm not working very hard on that.  But I do think it's a security risk.  It's a security danger.  And I spoke to Italy, and they look like they're not going to go forward with that.  We spoke to other countries.  They’re not going to go forward.  Everybody I've spoken to is not going forward.  But how many countries can I speak to?  Am I going to call up and speak to the whole world?  It is a security risk, in my opinion, in our opinion.  We're building it and we've started.  But we're not using Huawei.

     Q    Will you tax Germany for not paying enough in terms of defense spending?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, Germany is a little bit under the limit, I will say that.  But we'll talk about that now.  Okay?

     Thank you very much, everybody.  Thank you.  I think what we'll do is, just for purposes of this: We'll be having a meeting with the 2 percent people, and we're having another meeting with Denmark, and then we'll probably go directly back to Washington.

     Q    Will you address Greenland during that Den- --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Because I can't imagine -- I can't imagine -- will we discuss Greenland?  What do you think?  (Inaudible).  (Laughs.)  Huh?

     Q    Do you still want to buy Greenland?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  That's a very -- that's a good -- she must be in the real estate business.  (Laughter.)  That’s a very good question.

     So, we'll go directly back.  I think we've done plenty of press conferences.  Unless you're demanding a press conference, we'll do one, but I think we've answered plenty of questions.

     And, again, let me just finish by saying we've had a tremendous two days.  I think NATO is stronger than it's ever been.  A lot more money is being produced by a lot of countries, and they're enthusiastic about it.  And within three years, you're going to be talking about four -- committed to $400 billion more, and not by the United States; by other countries.

     So, it's been very successful today, and there's great spirit.  Okay?  Thank you very much, everybody.

                    END          1:24 P.M. GMT

West Wing Reads Schiff Impeachment Report Offers Nothing But Predetermined Conclusion

West Wing Reads

Schiff Impeachment Report Offers Nothing But Predetermined Conclusion

“Funny: The dueling Republican and Democratic reports on the findings of the House Intelligence Committee hearings have one big thing in common: Neither offers hard evidence that President Trump committed a single impeachable offense. Yes, Rep. Adam Schiff, who helmed the hearings, says otherwise. But he’s been seeing ‘more than circumstantial evidence’ against Trump for three years now, since the early days of the ‘collusion’ probe,” the New York Post editorial board writes.

“The GOP report accurately noted that Schiff only created a ‘misleading public narrative’ based on ‘hearsay, presumption and emotion’: Not one witness testified to the clear ‘quid pro quo’ that Democrats advertised would be exposed, nor to the ‘bribery’ they later talked of.”

Click here to read more.
“House Democrats do not seem to grasp that they cannot legitimize such an illegitimate process halfway through. This process has been unfair for the president and the Republicans from the start, with Democrats ignoring the historical precedents outlined in the Clinton and Nixon impeachments. When it comes to Trump, Democrats have created a whole new set of rules,” Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) writes in USA Today.
“‘No one is above the law,’ Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists. Now get ready for the switch: At the hearing, Democrats and their hand-picked legal experts will argue that a president can be impeached even if he hasn’t broken a law. Suddenly, impeachment isn’t about upholding the rule of law. Why the switch? Because Dems don’t have the goods to show Trump has committed a crime,” Betsy McCaughey writes in the New York Post.
“Most Americans have no idea what a health care service costs before they get it. If we expect to lower health care costs, that must change.” That’s why in June, President Trump signed an order to eliminate barriers to price and quality transparency to protect American patients, CMS Administrator Seema Verma writes in the Chicago Tribune.
“Between impeachment, all the hearings and testimonies which have essentially turned Congress into a TV courtroom, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stall tactics which have prevented Congress from taking up key priorities, partisan politics has once again taken over, and things in Washington are not getting done”—including the important U.S.–Mexico–Canada trade deal to modernize NAFTA, writes Sarah Chamberlain, CEO of the Republican Main Street Partnership, in The Washington Times.

First Lady Melania Trump to Visit Children’s National Hospital

Office of the First Lady
First Lady Melania Trump to Visit Children’s National Hospital
Where: Children’s National Hospital, 111 Michigan Ave NW, Washington, DC
When: Friday, December 6th, 2019 at 12:00PM EST

First Lady Melania Trump will visit Children’s National Hospital, which continues a tradition followed by every First Lady since Elizabeth “Bess” Truman over 60 years ago.

The First Lady will tour the Surgical Care Unit and the Short Stay Unit to visit with patients, their families and the nursing staff.

In the hospital’s main atrium, a Christmas stage will be set with Santa and Mrs. Clause. Mrs. Trump will read “Oliver the Ornament Meets Belle,” which is the sequel to the book she read last year, “Oliver the Ornament”. The seven book series shares messages of kindness with children. The author, Todd Zimmerman, will be present for the reading.

Press Availability: Expanded Pool Coverage for Book Reading
** For all on site and logistical questions, please direct them to Catharine Cypher – **


Office of the Press Secretary


South Lawn

December 2, 2019

10:04 A.M. EST

     THE PRESIDENT:  So, I'm going to London, to NATO.  We're fighting for the American people.  It has not been a fair situation for us because we pay far too much.  As you know, Secretary Stoltenberg said that we were responsible, I was responsible, for getting over $130 billion extra from other countries that we protect, that weren’t paying.  They were delinquent.  So we’ll be talking about that.  We’ll be talking about a lot of things.

     We are leading the world now on the economy, and we have been almost since I became President.  But we're substantially ahead of anybody else; nobody is even close.  You know that very well.  And I look forward to having a number of very, very productive days for our country.  We’ll be working hard.

Do you have a question?

     Q    Mr. President, does signing the Hong Kong bill hurt the chances of a China trade deal, sir?

     THE PRESIDENT:  Well, it doesn’t make it better, but we’ll see what happens.

     Q    Will you participate in the impeachment inquiry?

     THE PRESIDENT:  So, the Democrats -- the radical-Left Democrats, the Do Nothing Democrats -- decided, when I’m going to NATO -- this was set up a year ago -- that when I’m going to NATO, that was the exact time -- this is one of the most important journeys that we make as President.  And for them to be doing this and saying this, and putting an impeachment on the table -- which is a hoax, to start off with.

If you noticed, there was breaking news today.  The Ukrainian President came out and said, very strongly, that "President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong."  That should be case over.

     But he just came out a little while ago and he said, “President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong.”  And that should end everything.  But it will never end it, because they want to do what they want to do.  And they’re getting killed in their own districts.  I think it’s going to be a tremendous boon for the Republicans.  The Republicans have never, ever been so committed as they are right now, and so united.  So it’s really a great thing in some ways, but in other ways, it’s a disgrace.  It’s a disgrace for our country.

     Q    President Trump, on Afghanistan.  Afghanistan, please.  How was your trip?

     THE PRESIDENT:  I loved going to Afghanistan.  It was great meeting with -- as you know, we had some very good meetings with a lot of people, including Ghani.  You know that, right?  And he was terrific.  It was great meeting with him.

     But my trip to Afghanistan was very successful.  Now we’re going to London, and it'll be NATO, and we’re meeting with a lot of countries.  And they’re going to have to do a little more burden-sharing.

     Q    Is a China trade deal still possible this year?

     THE PRESIDENT:  Say it?

     Q    Is a China trade deal still possible this year?

     THE PRESIDENT:  The Chinese are always negotiating.  I’m very happy where we are.  And, frankly, I could be other places that I can do all by myself and be even happier.  But you understand what that means.

     But the Chinese want to make a deal.  We’ll see what happens.

     Q    Argentina, Brazil -- your tweet this morning.  What was the, kind of, thought process on that?

     THE PRESIDENT:  Well, Brazil has really discounted -- if you take a look at what’s happened with their currency, they’ve devalued their currency very substantially, by 10 percent.  Argentina also.  And I gave them a big break on tariffs, but now I’m taking that break off because it’s very unfair to our manufacturers and very unfair to our farmers.  Our steel companies will be very happy, and our farmers will be very happy with what I did.

     Q    Why don’t you send one of your lawyers to represent your point of view before the House impeachment inquiry?

     THE PRESIDENT:  Because the whole thing is a hoax.  Everybody knows it.  All you have to do is look at the words of the Ukrainian President that he just issued, and you know it’s a hoax.  It’s an absolute disgrace what they’re doing to our country.

     Thank you.  Thank you very much.

                             END                10:08 A.M. EST