Monday, November 25, 2019

President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts

Office of the Press Secretary
President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts
Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to nominate the following individual to a key position in his Administration:

Charles Williams of Missouri, to be an Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installations, Energy, and the Environment).

Mr. Charles Williams served in the United States Navy for more than 32 years active and reserve before retiring as a Rear Admiral in 2005.  Mr. Williams’ career in real estate consists of four decades of experience across property management, investment, development, and brokerage.  A native of Missouri, he received a Bachelor of Science degree from Southeast Missouri State University before receiving an MBA from St. Louis University, where he later taught as an adjunct professor.  Mr. Williams has professional RPS and CCIM designations and was a Vice President and Partner with Colliers Turley Martin, a commercial real estate brokerage later acquired by Cushman Wakefield.  Mr. Williams currently serves as President of Commercial Realty based in St. Louis.

Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to appoint the following individual to a key position in his Administration:

David R. Osborne of Pennsylvania, to be a Member to the Federal Service Impasses Panel for a term of five years.

Bill Announcements

Office of the Press Secretary

On Monday, November 25, 2019, the President signed into law:

H.R. 724, the "Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act," which makes it a Federal crime to engage in animal crushing; and

H.R. 2423, the "Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act," which requires the Department of the Treasury to mint and issue coins in commemoration of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, giving women in the United States the right to vote.


1600 Daily The White House • November 25, 2019 Vote for which turkey President Trump should pardon tomorrow!

1600 Daily
The White House • November 25, 2019

Vote for which turkey President Trump should pardon tomorrow!

It’s that time of year again! President Donald J. Trump will continue a famous White House tradition tomorrow afternoon, choosing a turkey to pardon as the official 2019 National Thanksgiving Turkey.

This season’s feathered contestants—Bread and Butter—arrived in Washington over the weekend. Both have been resting up at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in D.C., eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s ceremony in the White House Rose Garden.

You get to decide which bird President Trump will pardon. Be sure to cast your vote before the polls close at 11 a.m. ET tomorrow, November 26!
Vote Now
*Note: While only one turkey will be honored as the National Thanksgiving Turkey, both will “retire” after tomorrow’s ceremony to Gobblers Rest, an exhibit at Virginia Tech where they can be visited by the public.

Watch: Hero dog ‘Conan’ visits the White House today

President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and First Lady Melania Trump welcomed a very special guest to the White House today—“Conan,” perhaps the most famous and heroic dog in the country right now.

 Watch: Welcome to the White House, Conan!

America’s newest hero was instrumental in the operation that brought ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to justice last month. Conan was injured during the raid but has made a full recovery and is already back to work.

“Conan came over from the Middle East—just arrived with some of the great people from the Special Forces” who helped take al-Baghdadi down, President Trump said.

Our great military service members and Conan “did a fantastic job,” the President added. “We are very honored to have Conan here.”

Photo of the Day

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead
President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence welcome Conan to the Oval Office | November 25, 2019


Office of the Press Secretary


Rose Garden

2:27 P.M. EST

     THE PRESIDENT:  Treat him well please.  Treat him well.

How did you like Conan?  Pretty good, right?
     Q    Yeah.

     THE PRESIDENT:  Don't get in a fight with Conan.  I found that out -- you don’t have a chance with Conan, right?  Who would think that?  Not even a chance.  No.  Incredible.

     Q    Mr. President, do you intend to come to Bulgaria?

     THE PRESIDENT:  It could happen.  Are you from Bulgaria?

     Q    Yeah.

     THE PRESIDENT:  Could happen.

     Q    When?

     THE PRESIDENT:  Well, so far, I haven’t been invited, but I think I would be.  He's a great gentleman.  He's a --

     Q    You recently signed Poland into the Visa Waiver Program.  Do you plan to invite Bulgaria also into the --

     THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I think they're going to ask for that.  And the relationship is such that could happen.  But I'm going to see you inside.  Okay?

                             END                2:28 P.M. EST

Statement from the Press Secretary on the Global Health Security Agenda

Office of the Press Secretary
Statement from the Press Secretary on the Global Health Security Agenda
 The White House has released the annual report, “Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda: Results and Impacts of U.S. Government Investments,” which illustrates that the United States continues to elevate global health security as a national and global priority.

The Trump Administration will continue strengthening the global capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats, as demonstrated by the May 2019 release of the first U.S. Global Health Security Strategy.  The Strategy seeks to expand global health infrastructure, improve international resilience, and strengthen national defenses against biothreats to the American homeland, including by building capacity for governments to comply with their obligations under the International Health Regulations (2005).

This report details the results and progress achieved through United States investments in global health security, including efforts that enhance the global capacity to respond to and contain outbreaks of high-threat diseases such as Ebola, Zika, Rift Valley fever, and pandemic influenza.

The President’s Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2020 proposes resources specifically dedicated to protecting the United States and its partners abroad from deadly infectious disease threats.  The United States Government remains a strong proponent of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and a leader in promoting health security.


Office of the Press Secretary


 Oval Office

2:31 P.M. EST
     PRIME MINISTER BORISSOV:  (As interpreted.)  The Bulgarians like you so much, and they expect to have the problem with the visas solved -- like with Canada.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Ah, okay.  Well, we’re going to work on that problem.

     I want to just thank the Prime Minister of Bulgaria for being here.  It’s an honor to have you at the White House, in the Oval Office.  We have meetings coming up in a little while.  You have your representatives.  I have my representatives.  And I think we’re going to have very productive meetings.

     They’ve ordered some F-35s and some other things.  They buy a lot of military equipment from the United States -- the best equipment in the world.  And I look forward to our meeting.

     PRIME MINISTER BORISSOV:  (As interpreted.)  We have 3.1 percent of the national -- 3.1 percent, instead of 2 --


     PRIME MINISTER BORISSOV:  (As interpreted.)  -- the membership requirement of NATO.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  That’s very interesting.  We’ll have to think about that, right?  That’s very good.  You should tell that to Germany.  (Laughs.)  You understand.

     PRIME MINISTER BORISSOV:  (As interpreted.)  You will say it, sir.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, we have a big NATO meeting coming up very soon, as you all know.  But we’ve had a very, very good relationship, and now we’re going to formalize some things.  We -- the relationship we have with Bulgaria has been very strong.  Great people.

     Okay?  Thank you.

     Q    Mr. President, what was your thinking behind the Navy Secretary this weekend?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We’ve been thinking about that for a long time; that didn’t just happen.  And I have to protect my warfighters.  I’ve been -- gotten -- a lot of people have -- a lot of warfighters and people in the military have thanked us very much.  It’s been -- it’s about time.  They had one young man in jail for six years.  He had many years to go.  And a lot of people think he shouldn’t have been there.  And I gave him a pardon.

     With Eddie Gallagher -- you know that story very well -- they wanted to take his pin away, and I said, “No, you’re not going to take it away.”  He was a great fighter.  He was the -- one of the ultimate fighters.  Tough guy.  These are not weak people.  These are tough people.

     And we’re going to protect our warfighters.  And I’ve been given a lot thank-yous, including we just had some very great Special Forces people come to the White House, and they brought Conan.  But they were here for themselves also.  I wanted to see them.  I wanted to meet them.  They gave us a rundown on what happened with al-Baghdadi.  And they were incredible.

     But they were very thankful.  Somebody has their back, and it’s called the “President of the U.S.”  Okay?  We’ve got their back.

     Q    Mr. President -- Mr. President --

     Q    Bulgarian media, please.

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Say it?

     Q    Bulgarian media.  What's the thinking about Bulgarian and USA friendship, Mr. President?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, we have a great friendship.  They’re great people.  You have a lot of people from Bulgaria that are in this country, live in this country.  They’ve become citizens of the United States.  And we’re going to be talking about the visa program, as per the request of your Prime Minister.  But, no, they’re great people.  We have a very good relationship.

     Q    Mr. President, are you at all concerned that with some of your comments about the Navy Secretary and Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, that you’re disparaging members of the armed forces?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  No, I think what I’m doing is sticking up for our armed forces.  And there’s never been a President that’s going to stick up for them and has, like I have, including the fact that we spent two and a half trillion dollars on rebuilding our armed forces.

     And some very unfair things were happening.  You let Sergeant Bergdahl go.  You let others go, including a young gentleman, now a person who President Obama let go, who stole tremendous amounts of classified information.  And you let that person go.  But Sergeant Bergdahl -- we just lost another man who went after -- you know he died last week.  He went after -- from -- he was paralyzed from just about the neck down, and he died last week, going after Sergeant Bergdahl, trying to find Sergeant Bergdahl.

     So when you have a system that allows Sergeant Bergdahl to go, and you probably had five to six people killed -- nobody even knows the number, because he left -- and he gets a slap on the wrist, if that; and then you have a system where these warriors get put in jail for 25 years -- I’m going to stick for our warrior.  I will stick up for the warriors.

     Okay, thank you very much everybody.

     Q    Mr. President what do you make of --

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  The person I’m talking about is Chelsea Manning, by the way, if you had any doubt.  So you have Chelsea Manning, who after -- after Chelsea Manning was, I assume, pardoned by President Obama, Chelsea Manning went around and badmouthed President Obama, on top of everything else.

     So when you have a Chelsea Manning who stole classified information and did many, many things that were not good and gets pardoned -- or whatever happened -- and you have a Sergeant Bergdahl who gets -- virtually nothing happens; a slap on the wrist -- and then they want to put these warriors in jail for 25 years.  One of them, Lorance, served six years in jail; had many years left as a fighter.  No, we’re not going do that to our people.

     Q    Mr. President, what do you make of Giuliani saying -- what do you make of Rudy Giuliani saying he has insurance?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Oh, I don’t know.  Rudy is a great guy.  Rudy was --

     Q    Is there any chance he would flip on you?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Rudy was the -- and he covered that himself.  You know that.  Rudy is -- Rudy is the best mayor in the history of New York.  In my opinion, the strongest mayor, the best mayor.  Rudy is a great crime fighter, corruption fighter.  Probably the best in 50 years.  When he was here, and also when he was at the U.S. Attorney in Southern District, he was phenomenal.  Rudy is a great person.

     And I think that maybe the press isn’t treating Rudy very well, and I think that's unfair.  But Rudy was a great mayor and a great crime fighter.

     Thank you very much.

     Q    (Inaudible.)


     Q    Do you come to Bulgaria?  And do you know that the -- what do you think about Bulgarian position in (inaudible)?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, I might come.  I might come.  It's a country where we have a lot in common.  And we have a Prime Minister that we like a lot.  So, that could happen.

     Thank you very much, everybody.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

     Q    Mr. President, what about USMCA?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  By the way, USMCA, I can tell you it’s sitting on Nancy Pelosi's desk.

     Q    Mr. President, when can we travel without visa?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Wait, please.

     Q    When can I travel without visa?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Please.  Please.  Please.

     USMCA -- that's the deal -- the trade deal, the great trade deal for the farmers, manufacturers, workers of all types, including union.  It's sitting on Nancy Pelosi's desk.  She's incapable of moving it.  It looks like she can't.  Everybody knows it's a great deal.  She knows it's a great deal; she said it.  She keeps saying she wants to get it done, but we're talking about many, many months sitting on her desk, no votes.

And she doesn’t have to help with the Democrats because they're going to vote for it -- most of them.  And, I guess, all of the Republicans are going to vote for it.

     But the system is -- the way the system works, she has to put it up for a vote.  And she hasn’t wanted to do it because I understand a couple of the unions -- AF of L-CIO -- they are asking her to hold it for a while because maybe you'll look -- make Trump look bad, although I get a lot of votes out of the AF of L-CIO, except for maybe the top, who I actually like.  Richard Trumka -- nice guy.

     But Nancy Pelosi should put it up for a vote because, at some point pretty soon, you're going to have Canada and you're going have Mexico say, "What's going on?  Send the agreement back.  Let's not make the deal."  And I wouldn’t blame them at all.  And that’s okay.  We'll just blame Nancy.

     She's got to put U.S. -- that's United States-Canada-Mexico trade deal -- a phenomenal deal for our farmers, for everybody.  It's a great deal for our country.  It replaces one of the worst trade deals ever made -- that’s NAFTA.  So, we have a great deal.  She has to put it up for a vote.  She doesn’t have to talk to anybody.  All she has to do is say, "We're putting it up for a vote," like immediately.  And a lot of time is being wasted.

     But you're going to have Mexico and Canada pull it pretty soon.  And if they do, it's her fault, not mine.  We gave you a great deal.  It's her fault.  And got to get going.  Got to get going.  She's really traumatized.

     Thank you very much.  Thank you.

     Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you very much, everybody.

     Q    How was the dog?


     Q    How was the dog?

     PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Good.  Cute, huh?  Unbelievable.  More friendly -- more friendly than I thought.

     Thank you very much, everybody.  Thank you.  

                       END                2:40 P.M. EST

Joint Statement by President of the United States Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Boyko Borissov of Bulgaria

Office of the Press Secretary
Joint Statement by President of the United States Donald J. Trump
and Prime Minister Boyko Borissov of Bulgaria
We, the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, reaffirm the strong friendship and alliance between our two countries.  As friends and Allies, we dedicate ourselves to deepening our security cooperation and to promoting economic growth and prosperity for our two great nations.  Today, we are announcing measures intended to strengthen the strategic partnership between the United States of America and the Republic of Bulgaria.

The principal goal of our relationship is to strengthen the transatlantic community as a community of nations, united by shared sacrifice and a commitment to common defense, democratic values, fair trade, and mutual strategic interests.  Thirty years ago, with the end of the Communist dictatorship, Bulgaria freely chose a transatlantic orientation.  Fifteen years ago, Bulgaria reaffirmed its transatlantic Western choice when it became a NATO Ally.  

The United States commends Bulgaria’s leadership and commitments to burden sharing, exceeding two percent of gross domestic product for defense spending this year.  Bulgaria also plans to meet its longer-term NATO defense spending pledge by 2024.  Our militaries stand together in the defense of freedom and look to reinforce our defense and deterrence posture across NATO’s eastern flank, including in the Black Sea, which is critical for Euro-Atlantic security.  The United States and Bulgaria have derived mutual benefit from combined training and other U.S. operational usage of Novo Selo Training Area and Graf Ignatievo Air Base in Bulgaria, and intend to explore ways of furthering our combined training opportunities in the future.  The United States and Bulgaria also intend to continue cooperation on the destruction of excess conventional weapons.

The United States commends Bulgaria’s recent purchase of eight F-16 aircraft and its efforts to modernize its armed forces.  Bulgaria thanks the United States for its support in this acquisition.  The United States and Bulgaria plan to deepen our defense technology and industry partnership.  We commit to pursuing additional defense technology and industry partnerships in areas that are critical to regional defense and deterrence, including by continuing to facilitate access to high-end defense technologies and armaments that the United States deems available.  Bulgaria commits to provide due consideration to proposals from U.S. defense companies who wish to compete in the Bulgarian market.

The United States and Bulgaria understand that energy security is national security.  We underline our common understanding that the diversification of energy sources is a guarantee of energy security, independence, and competitiveness for our economies.  Recognizing Bulgaria’s interest in moving toward more efficient and cleaner sources of energy, we will cooperate on increasing the supply of gas from diverse and reliable sources and diversifying the nuclear energy sector.  To this end, the United States intends to send a technical team to Bulgaria to work with Bulgarian counterparts to explore the possibilities for further cooperation in different areas of energy, including nuclear.  We share the view of only developing energy projects which have a clear economic basis or commercial need.  The United States and Bulgaria also plan to work together to enhance Bulgaria’s energy security by supporting expeditiously the licensing and use of American nuclear fuel for the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, in strict compliance with the safety and diversification requirements and the rules of the European Union.   

We welcome Bulgaria’s aspirations to become a regional natural gas hub by completing the Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria, taking a stake and booking capacity in Greece’s Alexandroupolis floating storage and regasification unit, liberalizing its domestic gas market, expanding gas storage capacity and access, working with Serbia to build another interconnector, and investing in the reverse flow capacity of the Trans Balkan Pipeline to diversify Eastern Europe’s gas imports in compliance with the rules of the European Union.  These steps together will significantly enhance Bulgaria’s energy security, lower energy costs for the Bulgarian consumer, and make Bulgaria an energy leader in the region.

We also share a desire to work together through multilateral fora, especially via the Three Seas Initiative and the Partnership for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation, to promote regional development, including via the expansion of vital energy, transportation, and digital infrastructure.  Taking into account that secure Fifth Generation (5G) wireless communications networks will be vital to both future prosperity and national security, the United States and Bulgaria declare the shared desire to strengthen cooperation in this field.

The United States supports Bulgaria’s recent efforts to defend the country’s independence and sovereignty from malign influence.  We support the long-term efforts of the institutions and agencies involved in investigating and exposing violations of Bulgarian law by foreign malign actors, and we affirm Bulgaria’s right to chart its own future.

We stress that good governance and the rule of law form the basis of our shared security and prosperity.  The United States welcomes Bulgaria’s ongoing efforts regarding economic reforms, best practices, and a regulatory framework in pursuit of compliance with international standards, including those of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  Bulgaria underscores its desire to begin the OECD accession process as soon as possible.

The United States encourages Bulgaria to further address corruption that hinders faith in public institutions and economic growth.  The United States strongly supports media freedom everywhere, since a free press is essential to democratic nations, and encourages Bulgaria to further protect media freedoms.

The United States and Bulgaria proudly underscore the trade and investment ties that link our two countries and our common interest in shaping an investment climate that offers transparency, predictability, and stability, as well as a level playing field for our respective companies.  We commit to the principle of fair treatment of investors, to resolving any investment disputes by good-faith negotiations, and to expanding bilateral trade.  We also intend to work together to determine when it would be feasible to enter into a Social Security Totalization Agreement.  The United States supports Bulgaria’s aspiration to join the Visa Waiver Program and welcomes Bulgaria’s continued progress toward meeting the statutory requirements for designation as a program partner.

The United States and Bulgaria commit to conducting a regular strategic dialogue between our two nations in 2020 and beyond.


Office of the Press Secretary

Rose Garden

12:38 P.M. EST
    THE PRESIDENT:  Good morning.  So this is Conan -- right now, probably the world's most famous dog.  I don’t think -- I have to use the word "probably."  And Conan is an incredible -- it's an incredible story.  I learned a lot about this particular type of dog.  And it's trained that, if you open your mouths, you will be attacked.  You want to be very, very careful.

    But Conan came over from the Middle East -- just arrived -- with some of the great people from the Special Forces that did the incredible fl- -- it was a flawless attack.  And al-Baghdadi is gone.  But that was a flawless attack.  And I just met quite a few of them.

    And we just gave Conan a medal and a plaque.  And it’s really -- and I actually think Conan knew exactly what was going on.  But a dog that is very, very special and we could maybe say -- Mike, come on over.  Maybe you want to say something about the type of dog and --

    They were going to put a muzzle on the dog and I thought that was a good idea, but then it gets even more violent, John.  So I had a choice.  But, no, the dog is incredible.  Actually incredible.  We spent some good time with it.  And so brilliant, so smart -- the way it was with the Special Forces people that it worked with.  And for obvious reasons, they can’t be out in front of the media.

    But they did a fantastic job.  Conan did a fantastic job.  And we’re very honored to have Conan here and to have given Conan a certificate and an award that we’re going to put up in the White House.
    Mike, would you have something to day?

    THE VICE PRESIDENT:  It’s great to be here, Mr. President.  I know you just finished a meeting with some of the very same Special Forces who completed the successful raid that took down the leader of ISIS.

    But I recall, Mr. President, when you made the decision, right up there in White House.


    THE VICE PRESIDENT:  The day before the raid, you had talked about measures that were available to protect our soldiers.  And it had been described to us, about the fact that they had dogs that could go in, in the event that al-Baghdadi had on him an explosive vest -- that you put the premium on the safety of our Special Forces.

    And this dog was there; suffered some injury.  We were able to complete the raid without any American casualty.  And so I think having the Special Forces here today, who obviously can’t come out in the public, but also having this extraordinary dog here today is all a reflection of our armed forces and the great job that they do.

    But Conan is really a hero.  It's really a -- it’s a real joy to be able to help welcome him here to the White House with you.
    THE PRESIDENT:  It's true.  And Conan was very badly hurt, as you know.  And they thought maybe was not going to recover.  Recovered, actually very, quickly and has since gone on very important raids.
As you know, we captured 100 percent of the ISIS caliphate.  When I took office, we had almost nothing.  It was as though they were just forming again, and now it’s 100 percent.  And we have done a lot of work since then.  We have done a lot of work since the raid.  Certain things have happened that are very important.   So we’re in very good shape.  We’re in very good shape.

    We’ve had a lot of help, too, from other countries.  We’ve had a -- we’ve really done a job.

    I just want to thank you all.  So, this is a special time for Conan.  And we really appreciate it.  And I was told about the breed.  I was told about Conan himself.  And Conan is a tough cookie.  And nobody is going to mess with Conan.

    I asked one question.  I said, “So, what chance, with Conan…”  I got to see how fast Conan can move.  I said, “What chance would a strong man have -- really strong, tough, a fighter -- what chance would this person have against Conan, without the guns?  What chance?”  And I guess the answer, pretty much, was “none.”  He would have no chance.  So, it’s amazing.

    And yet, you see how beautiful and how calm, during a situation like this, is.  And you’re very lucky he doesn’t -- he’s not in a bad mood today, Jeff.  (Laughter.)  Not in a bad mood.  You’re safe.  Anyway.

    So I want to thank you all.  Thank you very much.  And this is a great honor to have Conan here.  A great honor to have the Special Forces here.  They’re in the Oval Office.

    Q    Do you want to adopt the dog, Mr. President?

    Q    Is Conan retiring?
    THE PRESIDENT:  I love this dog.  No, Conan is not retiring yet.  Conan is primetime, age-wise.  Primetime.  I asked that question.
    They go for about six years -- like an athlete.  Six years.  They start -- they like to get them at one and a half or two years old, and they’ll go for about six years from that time.  After that, it happens where maybe the reflexes aren’t quite as good.  You know, things like that happen.  It would never happen to us.  But the dog, primetime, is those six years after two.  And they’re very special dogs.  They’re very hard to get.  This particular dog is -- this is the ultimate fighter, ultimate everything.

    Ultimate in terms of sniffing drugs.  We have a -- we’ve spent a tremendous amount of money on drug equipment at the border.  And I was talking to the people, and I say, “Well, is there anything better than this equipment?”  “No, sir.  The only thing better is a dog.”  A dog -- this type of dog, exactly, because it’s a certain type of dog.  And it’s pretty amazing.  But they are really better.

    We had a case where we had drugs in a -- the cylinder of a car.  And it was undetectable by this very expensive machinery, which is really amazing machinery.  But still, it was undetectable.  The dog came in -- wah, jumped on the hood, pointing -- you know.  Opened the hood and knew exactly.  It’s incredible, the sense of smell or whatever it may be -- probably sense of smell.

    So they’re incredible animals.  And thank you all very much.

    Q    Do you have confidence in Mick Mulvaney, Mr. President?

    THE PRESIDENT:  Yes, I do.  Yes.  Of course.

    Q    Melania, do you want to adopt the dog for Barron?

    THE FIRST LADY:  No.  (Laughter.)
          END                 12:44 P.M. EST


Office of the Press Secretary

- - - - - - -


    On November 27, 2018, by Executive Order 13851, I declared a national emergency pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701-1706) to deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States constituted by the situation in Nicaragua.

    The situation in Nicaragua, including the violent response by the Government of Nicaragua to the protests that began on April 18, 2018, and the Ortega regime's systematic dismantling and undermining of democratic institutions and the rule of law, its use of indiscriminate violence and repressive tactics against civilians, as well as its corruption leading to the destabilization of Nicaragua's economy, continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.  For this reason, the national emergency declared on November 27, 2018, must continue in effect beyond November 27, 2019.  Therefore, in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13851 with respect to the situation in Nicaragua.

    This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.

                             DONALD J. TRUMP

    November 25, 2019.

Text of a Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate

Office of the Press Secretary



November 25, 2019

Dear Madam Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)

Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless, within 90 days before the anniversary date of its declaration, the President publishes in the Federal Register and transmits to the Congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date.  In accordance with this provision, I have sent to the Federal Register for publication the enclosed notice stating that the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13851 of November 27, 2018, is to continue in effect beyond November 27, 2019.

The situation in Nicaragua, including the violent response by the Government of Nicaragua to the protests that began on April 18, 2018, and the Ortega regime's systematic dismantling and undermining of democratic institutions and the rule of law, its use of indiscriminate violence and repressive tactics against civilians, as well as its corruption leading to the destabilization of Nicaragua's economy, continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.  For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13851 with respect to the situation in Nicaragua.
                            DONALD J. TRUMP

West Wing Reads Impeachment Is Destroying Democrats

West Wing Reads

Impeachment Is Destroying Democrats

“The past two weeks, the nation was subjected to partisan impeachment hearings orchestrated by House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA). The process has been unfair to not only House Republicans but also to the target of their investigation, President Trump,” Jeff Crouere writes in Townhall.

“On Thursday night, Democratic staffers enjoyed cocktails on Capitol Hill to celebrate the end of a week of televised impeachment hearings. The partygoers believed the hearings were a smashing success on the road to the impeachment of the President. Instead, the evidence shows that Democrats should be worried, not celebrating. The American people are tiring of the Democratic Party’s political antics.”

Click here to read more.
While House Democrats were in the middle of trying to sell their impeachment vision to Americans on national TV last week, “a new national survey finds independent voters leading a sharp swing in opposition to impeachment, the second major poll to produce those findings this week . . . The new poll found 49 percent oppose impeachment compared to 34 percent who support it,” Jonathan Easley reports in The Hill.
“Now that the public is finally getting around to acknowledging that Ukraine's government did insert itself in the 2016 election for the purpose of hurting President Trump's campaign, the national media are pretending that it didn't happen. In the case of the New York Times, they're pretending that they themselves weren't the ones to initially report on it,” Eddie Scarry writes in the Washington Examiner.
A North Carolina farmer is “getting the chance of a lifetime, seeing his turkeys take part in the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation [at the White House]. Wellie Jackson, a Butterball turkey farmer based out of Clinton, was selected nine months ago . . . Jackson says they raised the Presidential Flock like the rest of the turkeys: in a clean, healthy, and proper environment,” Michael Lozano reports for WTVD.
“The U.S. first family is gearing up for the holidays. First lady Melania Trump will receive the official White House Christmas tree Monday. The more than 5-meter-tall Douglas Fir was cut at Mahantongo Valley Farms in Pitman, Pennsylvania. Owner Larry Snyder won the honor of providing the White House with its official tree after winning an annual contest held by the National Christmas Tree Association,” VOA News reports.


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