Sunday, January 13, 2019

"ROYALS IN REVIEW'- Anonymous Letter Received - RE: GFR No. 323

There is an old retort which many have heard or used which is:  “who died and made you god?”
Having listened to the recent report on Goldfish with the ‘Ambassador’, I was not impressed with what I heard.  So, I had to ask myself … who died and made you god?  An ‘ambassador’ represents the interests of whoever sent him.
It was reported on that interview that some, at least, of the old ‘royals’ have stepped down and new controllers have been put in place.  But the question should be asked … who died and made them god?  … these new controllers or trustees?  Who made them god?
Who do these new controllers represent?  Are they not of the same ‘royal’ families as the old controllers who have stepped down or been replaced?  Again:  who died and made them god?  Perhaps we are just looking at a succession of one tyrant for JAT (Just Another Tyrant).
An historical review of Europe and Asia is JAT for JAT ad nauseum.  What was contemplated with a ‘new’ world experience in North America was a break with that failed process.  And the JAT system tried and tried to control that.  And they did succeed to a large extent with the formation of the District of Columbia, a re-write of the Constitution in 1871, the establishment of the Federal Reserve system in the early 1900s, and the formulation of the United States, Inc., with a weaponized organization, the IRS, to see to it that all people would bow the knee to the JATs.
But now there is a scramble for control.  The worldwide financial matrix of the royals is in shambles, and the ‘fixers’, the ‘other world-ers’ and the inter-dimensionals, have made major moves for the correction.  And it looks like the ‘royals’ are scrambling to retain control.  Hence the ‘posturing’ of the ‘ambassador’ for the JATs.
I have followed with interest on the Goldfish Reports the comments by Mr. Winston Shrout.  Aside from the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ references to being a Hill Billy, having sifted through his comments about his appointments and actions, there seems to emerge something new.  He doesn’t appear to be a ‘royal’.  Yet he was ‘gifted’ by this sole arbiter, Dr. Ray C. Dam, who is a royal, with much authority.  It is no wonder that the ‘cabal’ (another name for the royal families) have attacked him.  He has no appearance of being JAT.  He is best known for his Solutions In Commerce which I have followed for years.  His knowledge is so deep that he has to resort to teaching people how to deal with such mundane things as traffic court just to make his points.
What is to become of him?  If the cabal has its way, he will live out his life on the   Isle of Patmos … so to speak, and the JATs will usurp yet again.  Maybe we’ll get another ‘Book of Revelations’ from Patmos.
And I have been amused at all of this talk about money and debt.  I did take high school physics, and remember some of it.  It seems there was something about that matter could not be destroyed.  That was high school, but I never got into advanced physics about ‘anti-matter’, so I can’t comment on that.  But in this world that we live in, ‘matter’ is real, and ‘anti-matter’ has to be manufactured.  So, we deal with just matter … which can’t be destroyed.
So, can wealth be destroyed by debt/anti-matter/anti-wealth?  No, I don’t think it can be.  Wealth is something which is created by the work of men’s hands (man or men refers to all people, men and women).  Even great art is by the artists hands.  Concertos are created by a man’s hand.  Gold is dug out of the ground by men’s labor, and refined by … yes, the labor of men.
What is this ‘debt’ spoken of?  Could it be just a mechanism of non-producers to take and control the wealth of those who are the producers?
Is ‘debt’ just a concept?  And conversely, is the ‘forgiveness’ of ‘debt’ just a concept also?  Are people to laud these ‘royals’ who ‘forgive’ something which doesn’t exist in the first place?
Okay, so how did this wealth end up in the control of these royal families?  Did they dig in the ground for gold, or harvest the trees for lumber, or paint a Mona Lisa, or even write a lullaby?  If they did, I haven’t noticed it.
So, why do they get to decide what will become of the world’s wealth?  Do they get to control the governments of the world, which governments were put in place to protect the ‘god given’ rights of people.  Or was all that stuff in high school social studies just bunk?
The painting called Mona Lisa … what is its cash value?  Well, probably a few shekels worth of canvas and paint were spent.  An artist worked on it for perhaps 100 hours at let’s say 10 shekels per hour.  So, the final product is valued in monetary terms as 1,100 shekels.  But people really liked that painting so it was bought and sold many times over.  Perhaps it raised in value to a million shekels, and then sold again for 5 million shekels, and then resold for 10 million shekels, and on and on.
The original artist who actually created that painting was reimbursed 1,100 shekels and the local folks could come and see it for free.  Now that it is ‘worth’ 10 million shekels, the insurance companies say it has to be locked in a vault for safety, and … the poor people will never see it again.  Oh sure, the wealthy can get a ticket to see it.
The wealthy elite have stolen what belongs to the people by hanging a value of 10 million shekels on that painting.  Is it worth 10 million or 1,100?  Truly it is worth what the artist paid for supplies and the time it took to ‘create’ it.  That is the true monetary value of it, but now the wealthy say it is worth several millions more and have locked it away.
Is this ‘how’ the royal families have come into control of the world’s wealth?
Do we want more of that?
Are we going to have JAT?
How about the JAT get a JOB?
Just a thought.
Thank you Louisa for the Goldfish Reports.  We all appreciate the ‘enlightenment’ that you have so generously provided for us.