Saturday, August 10, 2019

West Wing Reads ‘You Had God Watching’

West Wing Reads

‘You Had God Watching’

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump “met Wednesday with some of the dozens wounded or injured in the weekend mass shootings in Ohio and Texas that left 31 dead,” Fred Lucas reports in The Daily Signal.

“In between visits with survivors at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, the president and first lady thanked the medical staff.” While there, the President told survivors that “you had God watching. I want you to know we’re with you all the way.”

Later yesterday, “the president and first lady visited with first responders and hospital staff as well as victims and their families at the University Medical Center of El Paso.”

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President Trump launched the Pledge to America’s Workers last July, a program that’s “signed on more than 20 companies and business groups, which committed to hire or train more than 3.8 million workers over the next five years. One year later, over 300 companies and organizations have joined the pledge to bring the total to over 12 million new training opportunities for students and workers over the next five years,” Sibile Marcellus writes for Yahoo News. “Among those who signed the pledge: Walmart, Microsoft, FedEx, Lockheed Martin, AT&T,” and more.
“As we debate how to respond to the plague of gun violence so tragically illustrated by the weekend mass murders of 31 people in Ohio and Texas, President Trump has taken an important step by inviting social media company executives to a meeting Friday to discuss how hatred and violent extremism are fueled online,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper writes for Fox News. “Woe to us if the young and the angry are convinced they can find meaning only through hate and violence.”
“The people of Venezuela continue to suffer under socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro, who is sustained by his patrons in Cuba, Russia and China. So it’s welcome news this week that the Trump Administration has toughened sanctions against the regime and its abettors,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes. “The new measures aim to try to cut the lifelines from Cuba, Russia and China. Sanctioned individuals will be denied entry to the U.S. The Trump Administration has morality and regional politics on its side.”
In the Washington Examiner, Paul Bedard reports on the unprecedented partisan media response following the tragedies in El Paso and Dayton. “This is just a sample of the shameful partisan propaganda being peddled by so-called ‘journalists,’” Media Research Center President Brent Bozell tweeted, sharing a long list of examples.

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